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Thread: Looking for a cleaning lady.....

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    Looking for a cleaning lady.....

    As a single in a highrise (by myself), I am in the market for a cleaning lady. (legit, above the board).....

    Granted I don't make a big mess, but would like someone to do the dirty work (toilets, washing floors, etc.).

    Now the strange part....I was talking to a couple of co-workers and asked them if they knew of anyone that does cleaning. The one person said that her sister does cleaning. I said, "good"...and started to ask questions about her, (her rate, etc). This coworker then starts to say that her sister won't clean if you're home. I said that I need to be home to let them in to my front door and then to open the door to my condo. I said that I would sit in my office and not bother them. She replied that her sister doesn't clean at anytime if there is a man at home by himself. She won't even clean friends houses when the man is home. I then asked her if she ever had a confrontation with a guy and the coworker said 'I'm not at liberty to say".
    She said that what usually is done is that you give them your keys. I said that I don't hand keys out at liberty.

    Now, why am I bringing this up on this board? Granted this board is frequented by lots of guys...probably single...and some living by themselves. Has anyone ever heard of such a situation? So, if a single guy needs a cleaning person, he can't be at home when they are there?

    I was telling this story to some friends....and basically, if this cleaning person had been attacked/assaulted when she was cleaning, why would she continue to do this type of work?

    So, can I not find anyone for this type of work (in Edmonton)? I'm just asking for the basics..(licensed/insured)...speaks english.....

    What have other guys experienced? Have they heard of such a situation?

    I would change my line of work if I had been in such a can't live in fear and paranoia...


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    Quote Originally Posted by oceanic View Post
    I have used both licensed and unlicensed cleaning over the years. Never heard of a cleaner requiring that you leave, but her concern is obvious. Your concern is petty theft. An agency is typically expensive. With an agency, I do not give them the keys because their employees change and so I arrange to be there. For word of mouth, I like to meet the potential candidate and then ask for references. Call their references and ask how did they meet, how long a relationship, quality of work, any theft concerns. I get called occasionally as a reference and am OK with it. My current house cleaners have the key and no problems after three years.
    Thanks for the info...I have posted an ad asking for references....and will take this advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruiser View Post
    She replied that her sister doesn't clean at anytime if there is a man at home by himself.
    So she's ok with 2 guys? Or a couple, like Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka were.

    If another person is there he/she can keep an eye out for thievery & be a witness if the maid tries to rape you ;

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    She doesn't want you around, cause she plans to clean hard for an hour, watch tv for two, then charge you for three
    Originally Posted by mercyshooter

    The reason that you are afraid of the "control it's people" principle is that you have something to hide. I think you are actually doing illegal stuff everyday. If you have nothing to hide, then why not let them kinda control/monitor/supervise/help you

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    Or, better yet, man up and clean it yourself. What does it take, half an hour a week to clean a bathroom?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcneil View Post
    She doesn't want you around, cause she plans to clean hard for an hour, watch tv for two, then charge you for three
    Seems we have the same cleaning lady.

    I switched to flat rate after a while, now she can watch tv all she wants. And, she doesnt have to pretend to dust things uselessly while waiting for laundry when someone happens to be home. For some reason the inefficiency of that drove me crazy... It's bloody clean already, if all you have left to do is the laundry then watch tv while you wait. I dont care. I'm paying for the laundry to get done not to have someone at my house constantly working.

    It's really strange for a cleaning lady to demand that no one is home while she works. Occasionally working while no one is around is normal but I'm not going to schedule my time at home around my cleaning lady, she can work around me. I understand her concern, but it's not like you are an unknown entity. Not only does she know where you live, her sister is also your co-worker.

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