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Thread: Misty-reous Vient - a non review

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    Misty-reous Vient - a non review

    Having seen some good reviews on this relatively newbie, I booked her for an outcall in February. I booked at a hotel of her asking as she would not have been able to see me at my regular haunt since she knew some of the staff there. Closer to the date she became incommunicado. No reply to E-mails, phone off for almost three days. I had to make do with someone from an agency who was just a so so. I reasoned with myself that stuff happens. So I left it at that. Some days later she wrote to me saying that she had to go out of town all of a sudden and could not respond. Now I know better than that. I did not take her up for it knowing fully well that she could have certainly Emailed me from even Timbuktu to let me know that she is away.
    I took my chances with her again last week and she mailed me to confirm time and date. Now I do not know if I'm a Die Hard or what. How could the same shit happen to the same man twice. I went through the same frustrating process of trying to contact her in vain. No reply to my mails with a phone that was switched off for three days. I would have thought that its was a case of mileage if she had seen me before. But.............. 5 days on, I haven't heard a word from her. I hope no one else has experienced the same frustration with her.
    This time I did see someone new from CCE who was just great. Now that will be another review at a later date.

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    It seems she decided to work from SU. Goes under the name of Cameron. See her latest review.
    Now that she is working there I don't think you will have trouble seeing her. I saw her last night and she was fantastic.

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