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Thread: The Lost political history of BC

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    The Lost political history of BC

    Taking to a much you nger friend about some of our ex leaders and i realized that tbis young generation know nothing of the good old days of BC politicre ..the 50...60...70 or even the 80.. what we have now is nothing compaired to the way it was with . the W.A.C.Bennet .and son and Barret ..Later Vanderzam .it is all gone the Social Credit and all the chactors

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    A phenomenon that may be responsible in part for history repeating itself. Let's hope not. One of the reasons that we shouldn't be apethetic about voting.

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    So Max, do you wear red underwear? Or do you go commando?

    When you stop feeling guilt, you are truly free.

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    How about:

    Before my time, but, I think that his group used the building that Shadbolt Centre is currently in??

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    I think you are confusing me with Karl Marx The father of communisum
    I think i would be more for communalisum ,like an orgy
    Maybe that is simular to goverment ....some one is getting fucked ...but they like it.

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