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Thread: Melody on Erslist 0428

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    Melody on Erslist 0428

    looks new.

    anyone tried?

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    tried the # and got a " call cannot be completed as dialed " ??

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    I reached her and TOFTT she is as advertised young attractive and great body(if you like breasts). 180HH 280HR

    Repeat: yes

    Looks: 7-8
    A: 8
    S: 9

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    Does she offer bbbj and cim?

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    She currently advertises on ERSLIST ...under the name "Sahara" she claims shes an attractive Persian/Greek mix, I think she is more of an East Indian girl, she quoted me .250/hr .150 half fs. She says shes in yaletown, I decided to take the plunge and TOFTT, called made an appointment,
    arrived about an hour later, the location is about 5 min walk from YT skytrain station. Was buzzed up and was surprised to see that she was pretty attractive however if you are a breast man....shes not for you. She is pretty flat chested. The service was a bit rushed, i paid for the Half, She seemed very not into the service, I don think she wanted to be there, or was really into this line of work. She is pretty young probably not over 23 or 24, I spent about 15-20 minutes with her, felt as if i was rushed, did a couple positions with her, doggie & miss and blew. She doesn't allow kissing at all...kinda crappy if your looking for gfe. All in all I would not repeat...shes very expensive and inexperienced. You can find way better girls out there that are cheaper and actually enjoy your company. Don't Waste your TIME!

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    Sahara is the roommate, melody is gone now according to Sahara

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