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Thread: Time for a separate Brandon Forum?

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    Time for a separate Brandon Forum?

    Just throwing this idea out there. It seems Brandon just mushroomed as a SP go-to in the last couple of years, from nothing to now even preferred over Winnipeg by some SPs.

    SPs seem to be going there quite regularly, and the city now seems to have a few locals too. Probably some college students who need help with their tuition. We recently had some unfortunate spill-over into the Winnipeg forum by one rather immature local Brandon SP who had difficulty with constructive criticism.

    How about a separate Brandon forum?

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    Good idea about a Brandon forum. I'm a Winnipeger and sometimes a little jealous about the SP's that Brandon has. I recall reading that some pooners actually would like to travel to Brandon for the SP's. Now I see some concerts like "Kiss" are stopping in Brandon for a show. What's going on? It's all good though. Go Brandon Go.

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    The other 'ERB' has a Brandon page and it's quite busy. I'm a bit surprised they don't have one here already.
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    Yeah Brandon is growing rapidly so i am sure they will start to get a few more locals going full time and maybe a massage parlor soon, I think a Brandon section is warranted.

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