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Thread: Foxden Ladies Intel

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    Foxden Ladies Intel

    Any intel on:

    Nikki: Does she do bbbj? I saw her coming down the stairs on my way to see another lady. She said hi to me, and I've been intrigued.

    Talia: Egyptian! How often do we get a chance to date a hot Egyptian woman? (don't care about cbj/bbbj)

    Jovanna: East Indian. How has she been? (cbj/bbbj not important, just "not rushed")

    Hyori: Japanese-Korean. Does she do bbbj?

    Regan: I love blondes with small breasts, so Regan looks like a must see.



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    saw Regan tonight. she was AMAZING. she looks like a supermodel. her face matches her perfect body. will be back regularly for her. anyone have input on Talia?

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