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Thread: Come up with new Ideas for Mistress/slave sessions

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    Cool Come up with new Ideas for Mistress/slave sessions

    since there are many Mistresses and slaves in here, so i thought why wouldn't i start a thread to share some of the ideas in the sessions between a Mistress and Her slave!

    i'm pretty sure for many slaves in this site, they have submitted to Mistress from this site as well. So why not to share some of the ideas so they can know what You are in to. Then they can make the session more enjoyable!!

    For me i like to enjoy every single moment when i'm under my Owner's control and i guess every real slave does have the same feeling i do!!

    i'll start:
    i'm a young slave who loves to be very humiliated and have my limits to be pushed!!
    Also, i'm very into drinking my Mistress's Golden Nectar as well as having my asshole controlled by Her. So i would love to have my ass to get fucked and in the mean time my Mistress put a frozen PISS ice cube in my mouth and have it melt slowly while She works my butt!!

    Tell me what do y/You think and PLEASE share some ideas!!

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    Lightbulb Moisturizing the slave ...

    For sure there is nothing like drinking your Owner's Golden Nectar right from the source BUT being collared and leashed and made to lick your Mistress's Golden Nectar from a bowl like a dog as a greeting when you first encounter your Mistress makes the session more exciting!!

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    Exclamation Good slaves go on their knees when Mistress is passing by

    When a slave is in the presence of his Owner, and She passes by, he MUST lower his head to the floor to show respect to his Owner!! Otherwise, the slave should be punished!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessicaJames View Post
    You are so beautiful! I would love to wrap my legs around your slave and scissor him watching his face go red as he's begging you to tell me to let go ...

    Mistress JessicaJames,

    You got me wrong .. i'm the slave who would like my Mistress to treat me like the real slave i'm!!

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    Preparing the slave's asshole!!

    It feels very good when my Mistress wears Her strapon and fucks me very hard with it .. It feels much much better than having my ass fucked with a dildo because when my Owner fucks me with Her strapon, the i would feel Her Feminine Power over me more than fucking me with dildo!!

    Especially when She fucks me while facing Her .. and She makes eye contact with me .. It makes me feel powerless and very humiliated and controlled!! She also get to spit on me which adds more excitement to the experience!!

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    What More Could a slave Ask For .....?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slave-4-mistress View Post
    Not much, but a nice single malt, like say a McCallan 20 yr, or a glass of fine Shiraz would be a good start. Perhaps a little alien techno beat to keep the edge on. All good.
    ---Sharing Mirth and Mayhem since 2003---

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    Puppy Dinner

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuntMeister View Post
    Not much, but a nice single malt, like say a McCallan 20 yr, or a glass of fine Shiraz would be a good start. Perhaps a little alien techno beat to keep the edge on. All good.
    You are awesome .. i like the idea of the alien techno beat .. that will for sure add a high level of an excitment to the lovely experience!!

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    Lightbulb Training The Dog ....

    There is some aspects that Owners have to consider in order of having a good slave!!

    One of these important aspects is to train Her slave to be a dog and train him very well so he becomes very loyal and obedient to his Goddess!!

    Man is a dog's idea of what God should be. ~Holbrook Jackson

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    Exclamation Living With A Princess .....

    When a slave lives with his Owner .. he has to consume his Owner's waste to prove how much he adores Her!!

    Just like this little sissy:

    he is lucky .. isn't he?!!

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    Torture the slave .....

    “Love is a reciprocal torture” ~Marcel Proust

    BUT, Mistress/slave relationship is a one-sided torture!!

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    Lightbulb Two slaves .. One Owner!!

    How awesome it's going to be when a Mistress builds a relationship between a male and female slaves to serve Her and please Her,,,,

    Look how beautiful they are under Her Superior feet!!

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    slave's snack .....

    That's how Mistresses give slaves their snacks!!

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    Exclamation Pleasing his Owner .....

    Good slaves always aiming to please their Owners!!

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