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Thread: Had a great time with Renee

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    Had a great time with Renee

    First off this woman advertises in Backpage. last digits 6337.

    Her pictures in my opinion do not do her justice. I believe much better in person.

    That being said. If you like what you see in the pictures. You owe yourself to go and see her.

    She is into the session. When we met I was greeted with a big kiss and hug. then it just kept going into the bedroom. Lot's of body contact, kissing. her practically taking my clothes right off me. She advertises as a GFE, and delivers. Nice personality, nothing sounded or felt faked, which let's face it some of us are really looking for.

    All in all a great time was had by all. Very good skills.

    I enjoyed every minute of our time together. Can't seem to stop smiling.

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    c_j44 is spot on in his review. My two experiences mirrored his. In my second visit Renee was gobbling down my cock like there was no tomorrow. At her suggestion she gave me my first real face fuck and it was fantastic. That happened over 2 months ago and I remember it like it was an hour ago. Her pics do not do her justice. She is much better in person and she is very fun to be with.
    Love to DATY/DATO

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