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Thread: any girls for 2 guys?

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    any girls for 2 guys?

    Any girls that would do a mmf? looking between nanaimo and vic..

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    I would suggest you contact Hayley in Nanaimo. She advertises on Backpage Nanaimo and has a great menue.

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    thanks guys! also looking for a regular, cool, m partner for the mmf' me with age, etc..

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    I believe Natalie , or sadiewould help you out

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    And here I thought that sadie=audrina=kittylicker.
    Red Baron

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    Yes, many of us do offer it. Im also up for gang bang duo's with both my gf's, (Elise Andrews (paid advertiser) and the blonde on BP) Open to playing with other women to if there are any ladies looking for a partner

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    Quote Originally Posted by steverino View Post
    And here I thought that sadie=audrina=kittylicker.
    I vote for a section or sticky where we can post ladies and all their aliases.

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