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Thread: Vera Fox, your Chocolate Bunny

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    Vera Fox, your Chocolate Bunny

    I see she has come out of retirement. Aka Mercedes and Keisha Fox. Saw her this week and she is still one of my all time favorites. Nice firm breasts, a bit of baby fat, superb ass. Super nice. On top of everything else she gives a GREAT massage. Enjoy!

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    She's advertising on BP that she's 32. That is more than a little stretch. She was in her mid to late thirties when she was Keisha Fox, so she must be at least 42 now. She may still look pretty good (I don't know), and a well-preserved forty-something SP is OK by me, but I wish ladies wouldn't understate their real age by that much.

    She was also pleasant enough, but she had a lot of restrictions too. Is she still that way?

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    Avery, while I had a great time with her, she still does have a lot of restrictions. No DFK (or LFK), covered BJ. No kissing of any kind really, but I didn't push it at all. I like her baby fat body, great ass, firm tits and her personality. She is a great ride in cowgirl! For me that makes up for the other areas that are lacking, I guess

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    She was always the one black SP I wanted to see, but fortunately I was happy with my Hallie experience...

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    Quote Originally Posted by blazejowski View Post
    She was always the one black SP I wanted to see, but fortunately I was happy with my Hallie experience...
    Has miss Hallie resurfaced?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonholmes13 View Post
    Has miss Hallie resurfaced?...
    Not that I have seen.

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    Try Tulip fox for the ride of your life. She will blow Vera/Keisha away.

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    Haven't seen Keisha Fox in years. She was really nice; gave an awesome BJ.

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    Just as an FYI, those who are looking for Tulip Fox will not find her in Winnipeg. She is with Carman Fox in Vancouver. I concur on the observation JC1975 that she is fantastic! Fox is a very popular last name

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