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    Question devon 2012

    just wondering if anything improved with this chick's service. she keeps posting every day in richmond, and last reviews in this forum is from 6 months ago. Anyone seen her recently?

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    Saw her about a month ago, late one night. Still has the crazy eyelashes and wig going on and it's hard to tell if she's just a bit unhinged or on something. She keeps blabbering away about something, anything - it's like she can't stop and has A.D.D. She looks healthy though so if it is substance abuse, it's not readily apparent. With that said, she offers decent service and has a nice body. Slim but not the toned variety, tits are a tad bit flabby - no real complaints in the looks department. Not a clock watcher and is accomodating.

    If you can get past the weird topics of conversation and keep your concentration, she's a decent lay. It really is a unique experience I must say and although I finished, it wasn't the easiest as I prefer a more involved SP. If you're an easy going guy & a seasoned pooner like me, I'd recommend - others may get weirded out.

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    was there anal? i heard she almost prefers anal.

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    I'll echo the few posts on here, and I didn't feel like starting a new one.

    She is interesting. Spacy. Easily distracted. Not drugs I don't think - my guess is simply lifestyle choice. Still tanning, and I think the artificial hair and eyebrows are possibly related to her lack of all bodyhair - maybe a genetic thing, or something more serious than we know (that would also explain the spacy). However, she is a nice girl, good body, and she, as former perb reviewers have said, really really likes to get fucked hard. her BJ is weak at best, and only seems to get done to make sure you are hard enough to fuck her brains out.

    Didn't try Anal, as I came pretty fast. It's been a while since I had someone that intent on cold-stone grinding I popped pretty fast.

    I'll say this - I have never seen anyone so intent on trying to raise me for a second time in a half-hour session to get fucked again. Kudos for her for trying, I just couldn't get into the zone.

    For that alone, i'd repeat. Though honestly, i'd prefer to leave the wig and eyelashes off and just see her au-natural. Even if she's a hard-core swimmer who shaves everything (like that girl ross dated on friends), I think it would be sexy as hell.

    damage as stated was $140/hh, $200h. She's also posting as Cleo, same number - 2012.

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    This girl loves to get fucked hard and i visited her for the first time few days back. I walked in and looked at her and i was like WTF! Bad hygiene,crazy stretch marks, bad hair and eye lashes. Place was dirty and she had broken nails, nail polish wearing off and overall not well maintained. She had crazy lights on flood lights. Washroom was gross. She also goes by Cleo as well. This girl also wears a lot of glitter and she will body plant you when you lay down and you will be full of glitter FYI. I would not recommend or repeat. Only reason i went was because her ads were prominent and i want to find a good provider in Richmond.

    L: 3
    A: 6
    S: 3

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