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Thread: Escort service in Shangahi

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    Escort service in Shangahi

    Not sure where I should post this so I apologize in advance! I'm going to Shanghai for 2 weeks and wondering if anyone have experience the city's nightlife? Tried searching but brought me to some escort website that I know are fake... Anything info will help!

    Thanks in advance!

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    girls just wanna have fu
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    your GF's panties
    I'd suggest checking out:

    1. International sex guide

    2. World sex guide

    3. Shanghai expat forums

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    Requires paid membership to look at the reviews and country/city guides, but theses tend to be very comprehensive and up-to-date

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    Shanghai has been amazing..... i've been using this for the guys that is thinking or coming here

    stick with the Saunas they're great places with crazy number of girls 7-9 looking ones with red rope service (one of a kind) and nuru! The sauna i went to last night had about 100 girls..... so there was two line up through the fishbowl... anyways if you guys have anymore questions let me know! gonna go for 3rd night in the row now Hahahaha

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