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Thread: Some advice needed for newbie

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    Some advice needed for newbie

    so i'm new to this whole poon thing here in Vancouver. Grew up in Holland and in my early twenties I have had a taste of the red light district, so not completely new to it...Just cant seem to figure out who is real and who is not on the local sites here and am not willing to take any chances. I'm gonna do this once, so it has to be good. I cant have anyone unreliable or untrustworthy. I know its obviously a hit or miss in regards to the session, but I don't want to end up being robbed or stood up either.

    Likely as many others on here I am happily married, 8 years and going strong. There's just this little itch that needs scratching. Although life in the bedroom is great, I've never done greek. I'm halfway through my thirties now, and while im still young, I will have to scratch that off my bucket list.

    So, short and sweet, this is what I am looking for. Money is not the biggest issue since I am not planning on making a hobby out of this. Thinking of an hour session.
    Greek will have to be on the menu, never done that.
    It has to be a clean and safe GFE, daty would be great. Digits would be nice too.
    Msog will be needed I think, first time greek might be a
    The girl needs to nice and accommodating, make me feel relaxed as Im sure I will be nervous, and needless to say goodlooking. DFK ,yes...BBBJ no need. Accompanied shower yes please.

    Any help would be appreciated. And girls, if you think you are the one, please do not hesitate to say so...

    Not sure if there is too much personal info in this post, just trying to be honest and letting you know where I'm coming from...


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    Well, a few reputable providers that advertise here on perb and offer what you're looking for (namely Greek): Sexy Melina, Christy Little Sunshine, Missy Mariposa, Sandi Laine. I'd suggest reading through some reviews of each so you can get an idea and see whether that will suit what you're looking for. By no means is this an exhaustive list, I'm sure others can chime in. Good luck.

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