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Thread: Massage Parlours, See before you book?

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    Massage Parlours, See before you book?

    There's a couple that I know of
    *Great Pharaoh
    *Spa 540
    *Mystic (on 8th)
    *L'merage (Rip, unless it moved)
    *Broadway Body Care (Rip)

    You get the gist, I was wondering about other ones like this where you get introduced to the ladies before choosing? Not like the fox den where you book blindly.
    I tend to like mature ladies so it anyone knows of a place like this with hot matures, I'll be extra stoked.

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    Most asian massage parlours will let you view the lineup before choosing - and there's PLENTY of mature auntie types at these places :-) So happy pooning!

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    some of the smaller amps will only have 2 or 3 girls working, and if some are busy you won't have much of a line-up to pick from.
    the nice thing is that in vancouver the next amp is usually pretty close by. check the georgia straight adult classifieds.

    i'd suggest bex. you'll find what you're after.

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    Where is Mystic. I have never heard of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by noob87 View Post
    Where is Mystic. I have never heard of it?
    It was called Mystique Affairs. If you google that, you can probably still find the address -- like the OP metions though, it was on 8th Ave (near Oak, if I remember correctly). However, I believe that it no longer exists under that name. I think the location is still an MP but is now called French Kiss Escorts (or something similar). I only went to Mystique once and have not been to French Kiss but I've seen their ads on erslist.
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