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Thread: Question to intimate shave

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    Question to intimate shave


    I have a little problem. If I do my intimate shave, I have unbearable hurt at the intimate area. It burns terrible.
    What can I do against this? What are you doing?

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    Very strange......are you using shaving cream and while you are in the shower? Do you get a rash? What kind of a razor are you using? Tips on a good shave;

    Good shaving cream
    Good razor
    Hot shower

    and if all else fails, use shaving oil....mont Source is the one I use. Leaves your nuts smooth and cool

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    Don't shave against the grain... shave with the hair growth... 1000 times better..!

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    I assume you are not cutting yourself. Is it the skin that burns, or are you getting tender ingrown hairs? It sounds strange. Any redness,, swelling or wheals, like a skin allergic reaction?

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    Choose a good quality shaver like the Intimate Shave Opt for a good quality shaver rather than a cheap one that is more likely to cause nicks!

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    i used to manage a strip club and wondered how the strippers kept it so smooth and rash free with shaving every day. here is what they told me
    gently exfoliate with a loofah in circular motions before AND after shaving,then apply panaten ointment (flat blue and gold tin in the baby section of any pharmacy)
    it works great and smells good too

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    Use a new blade & use it only for your family jewels. My skin is very sensitive also, and anytime i use a razer that is getting old, or has been used on another part of my body, my freshly shaved kitten gets irritated. Hope that helps ..xoxo Porscha

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