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Thread: More money to Movie industry maybe

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    More money to Movie industry maybe

    Well I have decided our government is now being run by the special interest groups. I live in Burnaby and I believe it is the main source of studio space in the city. Was watching the news last night and NDP were going on about increased tax subsides to the movie industry so they don't pack up and leave.

    Well its all a shame I think. The supporting business has already gone and built new studio space in the last year. Global mentioned a brand new studio space at Vancouver studios. Across the street Bridge studios has a new space under construction.

    Also when you look at the infrastructure to produce a show is huge. How many shows will really leave to go to Quebec, Ontario, or other cheaper locations that do not have a developed industry from the power supply services, lighting supply, caters, and many more suppliers.

    The Global news cast indicated that the industry is in a growth phase with out added tax breaks. I do not disagree with tax breaks but they should only be used for smaller independent films shows. I don't think a film that can afford to pay the stars top wages should be given any break.

    This goes beyond just the movie industry, other industries also do this by playing city against city for things such as casinos, housing projects etc.

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    just about every industry has breaks and subsidized some how or other.
    How many shows will leave for other places?
    many and many have already , we lost 2 very large budget shows past few months....
    we lost over 20 shows this past year. all because of non co-operation and $ issues with our provincial liberals.
    yes , it seems busy , but just becasue its pilot season.
    alot of blood sweat and tears have gone into building this huge industry over the past 30 years , yes we have great infracstructure and great techies etc.
    but it comes down to budget.... if Dallas or Chicago or Toronto offer a better deal eg. tax breaks and a large production can save a few points. tax break sometimes that will offset the budget of another big name star or if u stay in vancouver u have to use a cheaper unknown . so you know where the production is going to go.
    they will Not to stay in Christie Clarkville..... but if your from bollywood and will bullshit her about getting her votes , she will spread her slut legs.
    Christie Clarke is the dumbest cunt to ever get into a position of power in bc politics.
    All the smart rats have already jumped off her sinking ship.
    I dont particularly like ndp , but the cunt wont get my vote.
    Thats the way i really feel

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    Well in the real union world breaks in cost are shared with all levels. That means the scenic carpenter takes a 20% cut along with the management. Its call enabling if they wanted the work there would be press releases.

    Studios would not be spending money unless the studios are booked that's simple economics. Or they made huge profits last year and wanted to spend the money before year end.

    Hollywood still has studios and jobs, how much does the government put in for the jobs.

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