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Thread: What Vancouver charity do you recommend for donating goods?

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    What Vancouver charity do you recommend for donating goods?

    Like furniture, appliances and general household stuff.

    Would an overall value (FMV) of 2K be worth it to get income tax receipts? How much in a reduced income tax payment would that correspond to? BTW i recently submitted medical receipts totaling a 4 figure amount and, according to my tax accountant, got my tax reduced by the measly value of a meal at the golden arches, hardly worth bothering with.

    What Vancouver charities will move such stuff out from a suite as opposed to requiring it be picked up in the lobby of a building or at the entrance to it?

    The Salvation Army provides a pick-up service for Furniture items only. This service is offered, free of charge, in select areas of the GTA, Etobicoke, East Toronto, Markham, Scarborough, Newmarket, Georgetown, and Brampton, to name a few.

    Once a pick-up has been arranged with a donor, we ask that the furniture item be brought to the main entry level of the residence so we can remove the items in a quick and safe manner. For health and safety reasons, we do not accept used mattresses, box springs, pull out or sleeper sofas.

    BTW for a tax deductible valuation guide for many goods donated to the Salvation Army in the USA:

    And some remarks by the CRA (Revenue Canada) on the subject:

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    The womens shelter, the salvation army... there are a few others that are worth while.

    AVOID: March of Dimes, Good Will (not actually a charity), Red Cross, United Way. In general, these organizations have a rather large over head, so only a fraction of every dollar spent actually goes to the people in need (or in the case of Good Will, NOTHING goes to them.. it's a very profitable business).
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