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Thread: Sara from Bex is on Slutbus website!

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    Sara from Bex is on Slutbus website!

    My pooning partner IC pumped her about 2 months ago. Said she's a great lay!

    Check out her video @ Slutbus!
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    What do you mean !

    I thought that it was always included. hehe I was seeing alot of Sarah before her enhancements ( Now I find her breasts too hard ) and was always surprised by her energy and lack of restrictions. In fact I found I was was more inhibited than her. She's still a great visit for anyone. Maybe one of the best working in an AMP in vancouver.

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    I've been lurking for the last little while. Great site!

    Is it okay to post the URLs of some other sites that Sarah can be found on? There are a couple of them with pics and videos - double bbbj, greek, CIM, facial, etc. Hot stuff showing a pretty hot girl that we get to do more than fantasize about!
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