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Thread: Dancing with the Stars Argentina - ooops

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    Dancing with the Stars Argentina - ooops

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    Jealous boyfriend?

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    WTF did I just watch?
    (other than a chick with a dynamite turd-cutter, that is...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rintin6 View Post
    There's got to be a baby boom every time Dancing with the Stars Argentina airs in Argentina. This isn't the first and only risquee dance that DWTSA has done.
    Yup, that's truth.

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    Anyone know why the host decided to act like a douche and destroy the set?
    That was the most fucked up part of it.
    Screaming Geriatric Dominoes Enter My Brain

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    Apparently, according to our Spanish speaking lady, the douche is the host. He stopped the performance because it was so hot he could no longer take it! He was yelling, "Enough, enough, I can't take it any more." If you notice, the "dancers" are laughing at him. It was done more in fun than seriousness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesuschrist View Post
    Caliente !!!

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    holy shit this is like porn, this would NEVER be allowed up north LOL!!

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    Damn...those are some hot latin chicks.

    Never see this up North either, we are too prude for that.

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    Seems to me that in Europe, South America and even some places in Asia they are a lot more liberal with what content they allow to be broadcast.

    We seem to be a bit more liberal than the USA but not by much. You have to have cable in the USA to see anything like this youtube.

    That announcer was crazy Not sure if it was jealousy or he was thinking the dancers had pushed the limits of what is OK even in Argentina.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CorriGuy View Post
    Yup, that's truth.

    Could you imagine if someone did that on the US's version of the show? What a shitstorm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blazejowski View Post
    Could you imagine if someone did that on the US's version of the show? What a shitstorm!
    I hope they did so that the demographic of viewers would change from the present norm of housewives to the younger male demographic so that the young and deserving beautiful participants from Hope Solo to Kristin Cavallari to Petra Nemcova would have a chance of winning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Melody View Post
    How was that even a dance though? It was more of a musical theatrical performance.
    IMO that sucked, the chick was hot but it's supposed to be a dance competition.
    I'd have to say you're right, and that most all of DWTS performances on American television is not dance - even if they are doing a dance number. What it is usually, is a bunch of theatrical performances loosely based around dance numbers. It's just physical choreography, more like the things cheer leaders do which isn't dance either. To call most of what goes on in DWTS "dance" is a total joke. There's a lot more dancing that goes on at the high school dances than at DWTS.

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    Two words: Fuck to the Yeah :P
    Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened- Doyle Brunson

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