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Thread: Convenient Hotels? priceline?

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    Convenient Hotels? priceline?

    I'm wondering what hotels downtown or north shore are convenient and still decent.

    ideally easy to book/cancel same day, or just show up and get a room at an OK rate.

    decent hotel bar or restaurant or something close.

    I haven't tried priceline but looks like good rates and places. I just don't know how quickly it works or what are check in times or like.

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    I've always used hotwire, but the problem is you cannot cancel.
    It's dirt cheap compared to rack rates though.

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    I use Priceline. If you want to get a good deal, you need to use "name your price". You need to put your credit card and choose the day, how many stars, which area of the city you choose, and how much you are willing to pay per night. If they accept it, they'll charge your credit card (no cancellation). They'll let you know which hotel it is. If they refuse your offer, you can try again only if you change the star level, the area, or the date.

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