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Thread: tablet or lap top

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    tablet or lap top

    well i have not been posting because i toke back the new computer a few months ago
    17" was to big

    Now i am trying to decide what to get
    the computer are all going to winows8 aggggg even the tablets
    That means they will start comi g out with touch screans so buying none touch screen is just out dated
    Hense concidering a tablet but i am limited because i need a usb port for my portable HD
    few have that

    All so just thinking of getting a very cheep tablet like a Hipster Flair Which js only140 for a 9"tablet that has 8g exspand to 32g with an sdcard It also has bluetooth and wifi and runs on adroid4

    any other sugestions

    spelling bad i know typing on smart phone

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    MBP. MacBook Pro. Been using my 15" since 2008 and still fabulous. Only thing I can't do is gaming because the graphics card is too old Never really cared about tablets. Rather get a MacBook Air.

    Enough about apple though. If you want a less expensive alternative, I suggest looking into the ultra books. Better or similar performance for like half the price haha. Apple tax is usually the deal breaker for most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the old maxx50 View Post
    well i have not been posting because i toke
    I'm totally not surprised.

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    +1 laptop.
    I have a tablet as well, but most of my "heavy lifting" gets done on a computer.

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    I got a tablet for free when I switched to Telus but very quickly bored of it and gave it to my kid. He's 13 and loves it. Everyone is happy.

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    i dont toke

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    I thought this thread was table or lap (i.e. dance), not tablet or lap top.

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    i have been lurking
    but really have not seen much worth posting on
    but i miss posting even if it mskes others think.......
    If i am literet or not (lolo)

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    Never tried a tablet. I don't mind laptops, just wish they weren't so goddamned warm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by the old maxx50 View Post
    i dont toke
    They allways say that

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    The answer is simple:

    Anything involving productivity or gaming - get a laptop or desktop. No grey area there at all, tablets totally suck for that.

    If you use it primarily as a reader, browser or for email, a tablet will be adequate. A cheap laptop will still do everything a tablet (except the surface pro) can do, and totally blow it out the water in terms of performance.

    If you get a laptop, wait a bit until touch screens become more commonplace, because it will come with windows 8, and windows 8 is horrible without one.

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    I work with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that bridge to accounting software.

    We have every tablet (Apple O/S, Android O/S, Windows 8 O/S, Blackberry) and other than their use for running the specific CRM app I have no idea how anyone uses then for anything else productive.

    My favorite is my Acer Aspire ultrabook but most other makes are equally good, it is more personal preference.

    Large enough screen, a REAL keyboard (not that on screen crap), USB and other connectivity (Apple has nothing), light and thin and a reasonable battery life.

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    Larry Storch
    Probably best to go with a small Laptop. I had a tablet for about two weeks, but took it back. I found it worked best for my business ie. taking notes, pictures of locations etc. but not much else. Maybe check this out? --->

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    Here's my dilemma...please tell me if you think I'm missing something.

    I use my lap top at home, i.e.. word documents, internet, e-mail, etc. (private internet access)
    I use my phone as a computer when I'm out, i.e.. internet needs, e-mail, etc. (private internet access)

    If I take a tablet out of the house with me, say to the coffee shop or wherever, am I not having to use public wifi anytime I want to go on the internet? I'm just not interested in using public internet access, so I've been putting off the purchase of a tablet.

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    Larry Storch
    Yes. Tablets have a WiFi connection and just connect to any local public connection. You're probably better to continue what you are doing, sounds like you don't really need a tablet.

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