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    Thumbs up Leanne

    Leanne is among the top service providers in Victoria . She offers COB BBBJ BLs DATY and CIM . Also a few more things on her web site.Not mentioned is she loves to be Rimmed if your into that. Know she will not return the favor. I know I asked.If your looking for a lady who thoroughly enjoys her work she is the one for you .She shows it with every visit. Ask her about her Sweet French Kisses.
    she's on back page also a link to her web page.

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    Thanks fg!

    I keep looking at her pics. Now I'll have to do something about it!

    Cheers! WS.
    Better to remain silent...

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    Victoria Indy Leanne Jolie visited Comox Valley briefly in 2012 and this year in mid Feb and 15 Mar....and other places. I managed to miss out in CV three times...she cancelled by texting I can't receive in 2012 and in 2013 I did not know about her visits until too late. Now some of you CV dudes must have been smart enough to connect. How about a review on this fine lady? Don't be selfish. Tell me what I missed and make me weep.
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    Is this Leanne Jolie, you speak of?

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    is it the cougar leanne jolie?

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