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Thread: Where did they go?

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    Where did they go?

    I am interested to see if anyone knows where Anna Steele who used to work out of New West is now and also where a girl named Vanessa who worked out of New West in a condo on the old Woodlands sight and then moved to the Guildford area of Surrey are these days? I suspect Vanessa moved out of the business but I saw Anna a few months ago and now can't seem to find her around.


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    I vaguely recall that Anna Steel posted a retirement announcement date on ers a few months ago and then stopped advertising a week or two before that announced date, so I'm guessing that she retired early. According to her ersbook profile page, she hasn't logged in there since January 12. She had actually returned briefly from a previous retirement, so you never know... maybe she'll come back again one day.
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    Looks like Anna has a twitter account if you google for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badbubba View Post
    Looks like Anna has a twitter account if you google for it.
    i smell stalker ... lol

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    Tried to help someone out and get called a stalker. I typed the name in google and it's the first result that pops out.

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    Thanks Bubba...appreciate the information. What a shame...she was a great SP and just a great girl.

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    :P hmm am I missed that much

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    You are!!!!! You should do a retirement tour like Jay-Z

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