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    Bailey - WOW

    So I thought to myself rather than spend $$$ on an unknown, newbie local (ya'll know who I'm talking), maybe it would be more wisely invested to a travelling girl (it's a traveling girl's fee after all). And OH BOY ... what a solid investment it was.

    I booked a 1 hour appointment at $$$ (her other rates were $$$$$$ for 2H & $$$$$$$$.5 for 3H) and paid for an additional .8 for CIM. Included in the rates were your standard GFE: BBBJ, DFK, DATY, & MSOG. Apparently she had just landed & arrived at the hotel, and me not wanting to wait decided to be the first to see her. There was an appointment scheduled right after me, so she told me to rush to the hotel. Coupled with the fact that its a blizzard & I got my car stuck on the ramp, I managed to only be 10 minutes late.

    Standard 2-way system; when I arrived I text & received the room number. There was a bit of a 5 minute wait due to the fact she was getting ready, and for a brief moment I thought of leaving - I thought to myself, 'Oh my, not one of these ... ' as I received further texts & got directed straight to voice mail. Anyways, I was much relieved when I received the room number.

    Up the elevator & a knock on the door, and wouldn't you know it was the girl in the pictures. Tall, curvy, & a very pretty face ... all assets of the model ... plus a huge set of tits. Hopped in the shower, quickly got out & I was down to business. This girl was truly genuine & aimed to please. From our conversations she said she did in fact did some international modelling work & was using this short term gig to pay for school.

    Anyways I'm pretty bad at writing novels (unlike some of your out there), so I'll just give you the sparknotes version of the events. Started off with DFK, which turned into me sucking her tits/neck/body & going 'digity' on her. She then took off her bra/panties and went on to enthusiastically suck me. I forgot to mention, she has some nice big lips; so that helped with the whole BBBJ. She talked dirty to me for a bit & then I proceeded to DATY. Got bored of that, so she went on BBBJ'ing me some more. After, she slipped on the rubber & began to ride me. I was enjoying myself to much, sucking on her tits while she rode me, that I told her I was going to load ... to which she quickly got off & did got my CIM.

    When it was all said & done, we cleaned up a bit. She asked if I wanted a massage with the time left, I said yes as long as it wasn't 'soft' (like some girls are). I shouldn't of put my hopes so high for it, because it was a pretty weak massage. Anyways, I guess she kind of sensed it, then asked me if I still had one more in me. Again, DFK, BBBJ, + some dirty talk I finished again in her mouth.

    My hour was up, so I washed up & we said out goodbye's.

    A - 9
    L - 9
    S - 9

    She said she's going to stay her until Wed & that her schedule is filling up ... so I suggest you boys go see her. Also, for those in Brandon & Sask (*cough*) ... she's going there too, so don't miss out.

    $$$ for a local girl with a limited menu < $$$ for a travelling FRENCH lady

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    Quote Originally Posted by shopaoface View Post
    She talked dirty to me for a bit & then I proceeded to DATY. Got bored of that
    Dude.... DUDE.....
    *shakes head slowly*

    That's one thing I never tire of....

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