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Thread: CL Ad - 7111 2011 Ms. Nude Ontario

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    CL Ad - 7111 2011 Ms. Nude Ontario

    Sorry about the title. It should be BP and not CL.

    r u ready for me cause i am miss bc 2011 miss nude ontario - 21
    Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2013 7:08 PM

    Off stage and live for u

    5 feet

    100 pounds

    33 d

    Blue eyed beauty

    Long brown hair

    Here for ur fantasyHere for ur pleasure
    58* 92* 7111 Text only

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    Got me a new pooning phone and new number. Last phone was getting to be a bit too much with all the random texts that I was getting. Sold it on kijiji to some other fellow and I hope he is having better luck with it.

    Threw out a few texts whilst trolling CL and BP. This one came back with a decent price and the option of outfits. Thought why not. I could pay a little bit extra for an outfit. Made my selection and headed on the C-Train to Motel Village.

    Text to let her know I was there and soon I was knocking at the door. Door opened and this petite thing opened the door. Looked great in her baseball hat, hoodie and tight sweat pants. Not quite the outfit I requested though. I asked for a poly/cotton blend. This was clearly just cotton.

    It was a short lived outfit as soon I was naked and so was she. She left her bra on and her tits look great on her small frame. Started off with some oral which was decent with her long hair brushing against the boys. Wanted her to get on top. She replied with no. She likes the men to get on top. Alrighty. With my huge member she lubed up some and eased it in. As soon as I was in she was pressing her legs inwards preventing me from going deep. It was going to be one of those silent fights where I would like to at least get 1/2 of the 3 inches in. She had other plans. She was silently trying to cock block that. Didn't seem to be into it as much as I would like because I did like her petite frame with the nice tits. I did ask for her to take off her bra which she shoved up revealing some nice tits. I asked for her to flip over and she sighed ok and said usually this is extra.

    Thank you for being so generous.

    I could tell she wasn't really into it. I mentally apologized for interrupting her day. She flipped over. Soon I was finishing as I grabbed her ass thanking her silently that she was a shower toy. If she wasn't such a shower toy I would be really let down by the experience. It's not often you get someone that's 5' and under 100. I'll take them when I can get them. I popped in my finishing move and cleaned up.

    There were no wetnaps or other cleaning pads other than a motel Kleenex box. Like a magnet to steel I gingerly dabbed my johnson to minimize the white bits of kleenex yearning to bond to the tip of my cock.

    Damage was 120. 20 of it being that poly/cotton mixup. Why can't females understand what outfit requests really mean?

    Not a great time. Saving grace was her size/build. Not sure if I would lather/rinse/repeat.

    I Am.

    Wondering Why She Didn't Wear Her Sash.


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    Thanks for the review. Based on this, I hope she flies over and doesn't land in River City.

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    Sir Slimshady. I happened upon this review today, which inspired me to look over some of your past reviews. I would just like to say that your reviews are little gems of information, humour, and sly wit. Please keep posting.

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