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Thread: Jenna @ Ladies N Lace NANAIMO

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    Jenna @ Ladies N Lace NANAIMO

    This evening I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jenna @ Ladies n Lace in Nanaimo. I am just passing through town and did my homework ahead and time and scoped out the local scene. I normally only use agencies rather than indies so I had three choice - Midnight Angels, Black Orchid and Ladies n Lace. I had a few prospects at MA, but they never returned my emails so they were out. I was also interested in one of the BO ladies but she didnt know her schedule far enough in advance. So that left me with LnL, I chose the girl I was interested in (Jenna) and I was emailed back promptly and booked the appointment for 9 pm at my hotel. Here is the play by play !

    830 pm - shower, shave, smell good.....check, check and check

    845 pm - the anticipation is killing me, only 15 more minutes.....

    855 pm - *knock, knock* at the door, nice, a few minutes early, off to a good start. I open the door to see just what was advertised, a very pretty dark haired Jenna, she is wearing a long white jacket but I can see her sexy stockings sticking out below. As she comes in and greets me with a kiss, she removes her jacket to reveal a nice short black dress that accentuates her very bountiful breasts peeking out above her red bra. We take care of the business side of things, I put on some music on my laptop and she proceeds to give me a very playful strip show. After about 5 minutes, she suggests we get naked together and of course I oblige ! This leads to a nice variety including LFK, DFK, CBJ and all the regular positions. We wrap things up with a nice hot shower together.

    955 - she leaves with a smile on her face and I say wow to an excellent night.

    Needless to say I highly recommend Jenna and I have used a number of different agencies in BC, including a number in Vancouver/Victoria and Jenna is right on par with these high class ladies. My overall ratings are:

    Face - 8.5
    Body - 9.0
    Attitude - 9.5
    Service - 9.0

    Repeat - Hell yes !

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    I too have had good experiences with LadiesnLace, although have not seen Jenna. I'd recommend Rochelle the next time you are passing Nanaimo. The other ladies also look top notch as well.

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    I've seen Jenna (several times) as well as Rochelle and can confirm the OP's opinions completely. Jenna is very bubbly and friendly, I preferred her as a blonde which tells you it was a while back and had posted a detailed review on Jenna on another site. Saw her a total of 3 times and then could never get schedules to connect again. Time to try again. Also agree with hogger on Rochelle too - very sexy enthusiastic milf - at least she was with me YMMV.

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    I saw Jenna once, when I first moved back to Nanaimo. Seriously, very hot but also down to earth. She didn't come across as a SP, which we talked about; she said she'd heard that before a lot. To me a girl-next-door kinda gal. Amazing tits, intelligent and fun

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