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Thread: Nyomi @ CCE

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    Nyomi @ CCE

    I had the opportunity to visit this sweet lady last eve and my experience was VERY POSITIVE. She is new to the business, in her second week at CCE. The pictures on the CCE site do not do her justice. I found her very attractive, pretty, great smile, tall as advertised, not heavy at all, flawless skin with lovely natural breasts with very responsive nipples. I'd say she's realistically in her mid 20's and definitely knows how to pleasure a man. We had a great connection right from the start. Oh my!

    Her attitude and willingness to please made for a wonderful 45 minute visit. There did not appear to be any significant restrictions but I never do greek or bbbj. All the normal activities were GREAT. She is a hidden gem and if treated like a lady should be, you should have a great time. Would I repeat? No doubt about it. And as soon as I can.
    As always your experience may differ.

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    You beat me to the review! Saw her on Thursday & had a good time with her too.

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