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Thread: Review: Ravishing Elizabeth and Domino duo (long)

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    Review: Ravishing Elizabeth and Domino duo (long)

    As I'm getting on in years, I'm finding that I've become more and more nostalgic for a rose-tinted past where everything was bigger, better, more glorious than it is now. While that's particularly true for my life outside this hobby, it's also been true about my time in it. I think back about my early years in the hobby with a wistful smile, in that time back before the big bang of the summer of 2009. Truth be told, things aren't really better or worse now than then but time seems to have been particularly kind to my memories.

    A good chunk of my recollection of those early years is taken up by my memories of Ravishing Elizabeth. She was a favorite of mine, back in the day. I remember that she was popular and had been very well regarded, both in private conversations I had as well as in public reviews. I remembered well that creamy white skin, that red hair, her trademark spectacles. She was very easy to spend time with and not coincidentally she was also a damn good SP.

    I have been all but retired the last little while. I had stopped seeing the ladies and I rarely even logged on to the boards, much less posted. I wasn't reading the ads and reviews. There had been no drama behind this, no lady did me wrong. It was just that life had intervened to keep me busy and the hobby just hadn't been a priority.

    I realized one day that I wasn't really missing it. It would have been very easy for me to let my Birdboy persona and his tales fade into the past, forgotten by everyone but me. But it was a chance day, an afternoon ennui when I looked in on BP and wandered over to the Escort section out of an old habit. And it was there that I saw her recent ad, and all the memories came flooding back. She had retired, but she has returned very briefly for a cruelly short 15-day spell sandwiched between her other adventures. I thought about her and the past, and all those good times. I'm afraid that I didn't spend much time thinking about it before I sent her a message, asking about meeting up with her again.

    Our reunion was glorious. That time definitely lived up to my memories of her and to tell the truth, if she had still been around the least year or so my brief hiatus might well have never happened. But it was near the end of that session when I was pondering the past, fate, and opportunities missed that it occurred to me that I never had fulfilled my dream of being in a bed together with Elizabeth and her friend Domino. I realized out loud that probably the only thing that had ever stood in the way of a duo ever having happened was that I had just never asked. Elizabeth said in her inimitable blunt way, "Yup."

    There are not very many occasions in this life where you get second chances to make an old dream come true. So I seized the moment, and asked Elizabeth if she would be interested in one more duo. She gave me a look that fairly shouted "Of course, you silly boy." And more importantly, whether Domino would be interested. She would talk to Domino. As it turned out, by an incredible coincidence Domino had been considering resurfacing. She had posted an ad on CERB and she was available again, and so my way was clear. We were booked, a date for the three of us, in a few days time.

    Domino has asked me not to call her by her previous incarnation in this review. I thought it an odd request, considering that she refers to it herself in her CERB ad. She was a favorite of mine also back in the day, and old timers here will easily be able to identify her by her close association with Elizabeth, her jet black hair, her many tattoos. I had reviewed her back then and in it I had referred to her sweet nature that belied that extreme appearance and buff body. She also was very entertaining gyrating around a stripper pole, as I recall. I remember hearing about a proposed ad that never quite surfaced depicting them as an angel and devil, yin and yang, the fresh-faced and innocent looking Elizabeth paired up with the wild-looking Domino. It should be obvious by now who Domino is, but I'll respect her wishes and let her keep her mystique.

    In any case, the next few days dragged by. My anticipation was at a fever pitch by the time I finally walked up to that door. Elizabeth answered, wearing a bright red satin and lace slip and heels and looking just as fine as I had ever remembered. We chatted briefly as I took off my coat and boots and Domino walked up, her heels clattering on the floor.

    It had been a long time. She looked great. She now had a shock of bright color at the front of her long straight raven hair. She had mentioned in her ad that she had been working out and she looked deliciously toned, though to be honest she didn't look much more toned than I had remembered. We greeted each other and wasted no time in heading to the nearby bedroom, where Elizabeth closed the door behind us.

    I was now closed up in a small room with two smoking hot ladies bent on playing with me. Muahaha. Life could certainly be worse.

    Elizabeth and Domino reclined on the bed. Elizabeth said, "You're wearing way too many clothes." Well, I didn't need any more prodding. I stripped to my skin in seconds, dropping my clothes on the floor where I stood. There was probably a place to put them neatly, but I was beyond caring by this point.

    I crept onto the bed between the both of them and wasted no time in kissing Domino and feeling her toned shoulders. I enjoyed that for a moment and said, "Where's my manners? I haven't even kissed the host yet." I turned to kiss Elizabeth, who was wearing an enigmatic smile (and very little else). Her kiss was as deep, warm, and as gentle as Domino's, yet different. I luxuriated in it for a moment as Domino stroked my back.

    Now that I had dealt with the social niceties, I turned back to Domino. We kissed and I heard the crinkle of a wrapper behind me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Elizabeth slip the cover into her mouth before diving down, rolling the condom on me and taking me deep into her mouth in one smooth movement. I gasped, and she worked me with a vengeance. If she was afraid that I would forget about her there also, she definitely had nothing to be worried about.

    I moaned. I writhed. She was rarely this aggressive with me solo. I liked it. But I pulled away after a few minutes. The hour was young, and I had to last for all of it. Domino propped herself up on her elbows. "How do you want me?" She got up on all fours before I could answer the question. Why yes, that would do very nicely. I'll just say I greatly enjoyed the view of Domino's new ink rippling over her toned back.

    I lay back after a few minutes. Elizabeth brought her enigmatic smile close and kissed me, as Domino did something wonderful down below the edge of my sight. In what seemed like very little time, I was ready again and Elizabeth got on all fours as she gave me a silent come-hither glance.

    It was deja vu, but not quite. I don't think I've ever doggie'd two ladies in such quick succession before. Contrasting Domino's inked and toned back was Elizabeth's smooth, creamy, flawless skin. It didn't take long before Elizabeth gave out a soft cry, her face flushing.

    I pulled back, and crouched between Domino's thighs. I lapped softly as she gazed down with half-closed eyes and Elizabeth stroked her breasts. Domino commented that she was in bliss, being treated with all this attention.

    A gentleman doesn't play favorites when faced with two equally delicious choices. I took my place between Elizabeth's thighs until she moaned, writhed, and flushed once more.

    The three of us chatted a while, about old times and new until my time was up. I was offered a shower, which I took. I gave each of the ladies a parting hug and kiss, and I was on my way.


    I've sometimes thought about what the difference is between a great session and a merely good session. I think that there are several different factors in play here. Sometimes, of course, it is what the lady brings to the table. It might be her looks, her charm, her skills. Sometimes it's been what I've brought to the session. I might have already convinced myself that the time was going to be wonderful, that the lady had knockout good looks, that the lady might have so vaunted a reputation that there was no way I could have anything other than a good time.

    But more often what separates the magnificent from the merely good is the interplay of its parts. It's all in that tired old overworked expression, chemistry. At times, the lady and I might have had a good rapport, mutual trust, a good sense of comfort that promises that great time. Those factors have in the past be powerful enough to transcend one or the other of us feeling a little blah and make the occasion epic.

    But you never are truly certain when that chemistry will kick in. Duos are so different from solo sessions because it's not so much about a sense of connection, but the players' readiness's to play. With a duo, suddenly there are three players. Other than the three instead of one, one on one relationships, there is a separate group dynamic. It is a much more delicate balance. There is much more that can miss the mark.

    I'm still scratching my head over this duo. In most of the very few duos I've been in, I've been the center of attention. In one or two others, the ladies were more than willing to put on a show and let me jump in when I'd had enough of watching passively. But in this duo, it felt like I was skipping between each of the ladies, dividing my time between two separate solo sessions in a tag-team matchup. Thinking back, I realized that I had hoped that it would be a little more spontaneous, three friends just having fun instead of the ladies just being there to please me.

    I was glad to satisfy my duo curiosity with these ladies. But sometimes, the total is just the sum of its parts. That's not such a bad thing, when the two reagents in the beaker are such fabulous ladies as Elizabeth and Domino. I don't want anyone to get the idea that I didn't have a good time- oh, far from it. I'm choosing to think of this as a parable of uncommunicated and very possibly unprecontemplated expectations, rather than a consistent pattern. I like both these ladies, and I'd consider another duo with them sometime. Still, I think that for the very next time with either of these ladies my poison will straight-up and pure, rather than as a mixed drink.

    I'll have to make my move soon. Elizabeth has posted in her BP and CERB ads that she will be available until March 20th. Domino also has a current ad on CERB and has open-ended availability.

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    Nice review Birdboy, I could picture myself in your place lol

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    Birdboy, you and your writing skills and awesome reviews will never be forgotten.

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    Always enjoy your reviews, Birdboy. That's a duo I always wanted to be a part of....

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    I always wondered, do the two of them interact with each other a lot during a duo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blazejowski View Post
    I always wondered, do the two of them interact with each other a lot during a duo?
    I can't speak for anyone else's duo, but for me there was almost no interaction. As I'd said in my review, it felt a little like alternating between the two ladies during two separate and concurrent sessions.

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