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Thread: The end of paper?

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    The end of paper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avery View Post
    End of paper??? What will we do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avery View Post
    Excellent Avery! LOL!

    I am old enough to remember when PC's were still just a thought. (I had all those friends taking Comp. Sci. carrying around boxes of punch cards LOL!)
    Anyway when the first home computers came out everyone kept saying how these things would make the world paperless.
    What a joke. Now with computers everywhere we seem to generate more paper than ever.
    Y'all come back now,

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    I don't use paper outside of a few things at work.
    I have not printed anything from my computer in 8+ years?
    If I need to take a note I do it on my phones text pad.
    I don't read paper print.
    I don't buy books anymore simply on the principle that when a book comes out they release it in hard cover (no paperback option for 6 months) and it costs $40+. So I steal the audio book, and read everything else digitally.
    I haven't bought or been subscribe to a magazine in 11+ years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avery View Post
    How ironic your handle is a paper product.

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