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Thread: Looking for an ass like Asian Gina of metrotown?

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    Looking for an ass like Asian Gina of metrotown?

    I am looking for an asian girl who has an ass like Gina of metrotown a few years back. This girl was slim everywhere else but had this amazing bubble butt. Not sure if she is still around using another name. But if there is anyone who knows of an Asian girl whos ass is similar to hers. I am not talking a thick girl with a big ass no just a size 38 to 40 somewhere around there.

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    Ah yes, Gina with the gorgeous ass. I fell in love with her ass many times over, she was a gem. I know she went to Calgary for a while and then disappeared, maybe went back to China. I too am still looking for an Asian with an ass like hers but have not been successful so far. Please let me know if you find one. Many thanks.

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    an Asian with a bubble butt?? You sure? I didn't think there was such a thing!

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    Glad to see some of you guys still think about Gina. She was amazing and with an amazing ass that I too fell in love with. I got into this hobby a little late and only got to enjoy her about 15 - 20 times. I think I averaged seeing her 4 times in a week once.

    At 120/45mins it was a deal and she was nice and courteous as well. I was one of her last customers on her last day as she had put some time apart for me. At that time when I asked whether she would be back or not she did say 6 months but I knew she was just saying that. I still hoped that she would be back but its been a few years and nothing.

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    look up bubble butt on Ers

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