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Thread: Beware of scam artist 604-655-**30

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    Beware of scam artist 604-655-**30

    Scam artist. Calls and tells you he is Jerry the Boxer a millionaire living in Wall Centre Vancouver. Makes appointment for services promising to give you a big tip and never shows. His voice mail is full, so he cannot be reached.

    He sounds sincere and polite on the phone.

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    I got a call from this guy too. I knew he was BS-ing when he kept me on the phone for 15 min with this elaborate fetish requests. He booked a 1.5-hr date but I had a strong feeling he was BS-ing so I asked him to confirm when he was heading over. No call, no show as I suspected.
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    Anyone who makes promises of big $$$ before meeting, brags about their wealth or wants to talk in depth about their fetish I cannot take seriously over the phone.

    Gentlemen please note, if you would like to bring things like this up, please do so by PM'ing or emailing us and certainly do not expect us to talk to you over the phone about fetishes or take you seriously when you brag about your wealth.

    Sorry Anita and sorry Alanna.

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