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Thread: Looking for Indian perky nipples

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    Looking for Indian perky nipples

    I am all in a sudden craving for an Indian lady that has a pair of bigger, or even a bit saggy tits. But nice perky nipples. All because I saw an Indian milf on the street one day with hoodies and no bra... The perky nipples really turned me on.

    Any recommendations? Hopefully won't cost me more than a $... Probably only wanna handjob...

    Thanks peers!

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    maybe try Aria Arora in surrey

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    looks decent! how much is the damage?

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    I've always been curious about her too but for no other reason than the fact that she's "there". I tried calling her once to ask about her rates and she wouldn't tell me unless I agreed to book, even though I wasn't ready and was just curious.

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