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Thread: Steveston Medi SPA R&T?

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    Steveston Medi SPA R&T?

    Hey guys!

    I have been cruising CL and always see the add for Steveston medi SPA in Richmond. It's a new store front at 5 rd and Steveston Hwy.
    The add states "Don't ask any extra and sexual service,Please." However the way the add is worded makes me think else wise. They really push the young Asian girl thing and state no tax.
    It reads,
    "Signature Massage by YOUNG CHINESE KOREA JAPENESE GIRLS, Early bird $50/ 1h (before 1:00pm)
    $40/ 30min.
    $50/ 45min.
    $60/ 60min.
    $80/ 90min.
    $105/ 120min.
    Hot stone massage $60/ 60min.(Reg.$70) new clients only.

    tax is included."

    does anyone have any info on this place?


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    Out of curiousity; since I was in the neighbourhood, I drove by the place. Didn't go in to toftt since I had just come from a sports workout, so I'm sure the girls wouldn't appreciate it too much. From the outside:

    - discrete corner in a strip mall: check
    - blacked out windows/curtains/blinds: check
    - gaudy flashing neon and xmas led strips: check

    If that doesn't scream AMP, I don't know what else would. Looked to have quite a number of cars parked outside so I guess the place must be quite popular (nothing else nearby that looked open on a late sunday afternoon). Seems to be more than your basic RnT here, "please don't ask for extras" be damned.

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    I did not notice the blacked out windows! I think we might be onto something!


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    They just started these advertisements on CL. Previously, they seemed like a pretty legit spa. They even have legit reviews on Yelp.

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    I, too, have been there and it was all legit, no hint of anything else.

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    Ditto for last two posts. Got a 6-pack 45min massage for $220. Great deal. Been a couple times and got a great massage both times.

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    Thanks for the intel guys. Guess I was wrong about the questionable outside decor.

    Will definitely go check it out some time since it's one of the few places that advertise a 2 hr session. If only they were closer.

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    Too bad, the ad very misleading.

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    I tried it in December too. I was told no shower facilities, and no hint of HJ with my attendant.

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    I just noticed that the have been heavily posting on Craigslist now. They also say that shower is now available. Has anyone else had any updated visits to this place?

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    Lots of ass play but no happy ending offered....possibly on the table but I didn't ask

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    Sometimes it's nice to just have a good massage with teasing and no pressure for HE. Any info on the talent there? The only time I've been there, there was only an older slim auntie (probably 50+) who did give a very good massage and was quite liberal with the bum and inner thighs, but no hints of extras. Nor did i enquire.

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    Both times they were probably mid 20's for me and fairly attractive. Definitely leave wanting more both times and feeling pent up.

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    Thanks for the intel guys. Tried to go again the other day but all the girls were busy. Keep forgetting how bad traffic is going down 99 during rush hour.

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    Legit spa with a good massage. Lots of butt work, but nothing else on the menu. But at least their package deals are great.

    Massage Packages(tax is included)
    45min. $220/ 6 time $36/ time
    60min. $260/ 6 time $43/ time
    60min. $530/ 13 time $40/ time

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