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Thread: Olivia Jade Tantric Massage...Your Beautiful, Loving Sensuality Expert!

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    Olivia Jade Tantric Massage...Your Beautiful, Loving Sensuality Expert!

    Imagine it....

    My radiant smile welcomes you, and puts you right at ease as you enter an
    elegantly appointed studio with fresh linens and blooming flowers.

    After a luxurious hot shower, you ease onto my massage table,
    and I begin to weave my soft hands back and forth across your body.
    You fall into deep relaxation, and the sound of a large fountain,
    wind chimes, soft music, and my sensual Tantric touch,
    spiral you into a heightened state of Full Body Bliss.
    Tingling all over, all aches and pains melt out of your body.
    Revived and exhilarated, you'll leave my sanctuary a new man!!

    The Erotic Tantra Massage
    For the man who is ready for something completely unique….

    The Erotic Tantra Massage is for the man who is ready for an experience unlike any other –
    the focus is totally on you and building erotic energy as you become aware of the many layers
    of eroticism and how to use them to enhance your life.

    This massage is ideal for men who wish to:
    • Learn Tantra and Taoist techniques for sexual virility
    • Maintain erection strength
    • Overcome premature ejaculation
    • Learn how to build erotic energy in order to* experience a whole body orgasm
    • Learn techniques to extend lovemaking and give their partner greater pleasure
    • Experience their whole body as an erotic organ
    • Gain a deeper understanding of their sexuality and masculinity
    • Want to enhance sexual intimacy with their regular partner

    You will leave this experience more sexually empowered and fulfilled than ever before.

    My invitation is for those gentlemen, women and couples who want to experience fully,
    expansion in your mind, body and spirit. I create a soothing atmosphere where time falls
    away and all that is left is your relaxation and transformation.

    I am a beautiful, intelligent goddess, in my late 30’s, brunette with intense hazel eyes,
    a wonderfully curvy, toned and athletic body with ecstatic energy.

    Are You Adventurous?
    I await your presence in my very elegant and private studio in the near the water in North Vancouver.
    Shower available before and after session.
    Hours Mon - Fri 10am to 7pm
    Some evening and weekend session available by advanced booking only

    I live a healthy lifestyle allowing for my full focus to be on you.
    I am a Tantra Teacher and trained in many modalities of healing for your pleasure and delight.

    Please visit my website for information on sessions, photos and how to contact me

    Sessions for Couples and Women
    I LOVE working with couples and women! See my website for the variety of offerings.
    Contact and Scheduling: Before contacting me, decide what you want to experience.
    Look at my website, including the contact page and screening process.
    Advanced booking preferred. 24 hr cancelation policy. Outcall in Vancouver 4/5 star hotels with a $100 fee.
    Ask me how to pay by credit card.

    Olivia Jade - Sensual Muse for the discerning man
    Tantric Massage - Intimacy Coaching - Tantric Companion

    [email protected]

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    Discover the secrets of Tantra

    Have you ever worked privately with a Tantra Professional? The process is simple, but deep.....

    First we invoke a sacred and spiritual container for us both to feel totally safe. From there I will bring you into your body with massage, asking you to breathe by expanding the length of your inhale and exhale. I will consciously put energy out my hands that will begin to create a mind body connection between the seven different energy centers called chakras. These areas of consciousness are like extensions of the brain, they hold stress and trauma. But that's not their only function, with intention we want to align these energy centers because they play a big part in rewiring the body to hold higher levels of arousal. That's right, we want to teach your body to run more orgasmic current, beyond the genitals and into every cell. From an esoteric point of view these chakras, once awake, can fuel your enlightenment! On a psychological level, they each hold issues like, survival, rejection, disempowerment, hurts, shyness, lack of confidence, anger, depression, and dysfunction, etc. Let's open a pure gateway so that you can release anything that isn't love in your body!

    My specialty is working with pre-ejaculation issues, expanding pleasure thresholds, relieving prostate problems, and how to worship and pleasure a women. I love working with men, women, and couples. Please call me for more details and visit my new website for various private session options, weekend and vacation seminar dates, and a current list of my dakini tour locations coming up!


    This is your chance to surrender to the pleasure of a sensuous Goddess lavishing your body with healing hands. Be guided breath by breath, wave by wave, into enhanced sensations and extended pleasure. Learn 4 different control techniques so that you can enjoy your experiences as long as you want too. Discover how much more SENSATION you can FEEL when you simply receive without giving back.
    60 minutes Donation $180-$225

    SEXUAL HEALING & AWAKENING FOR MEN... This is for the man dedicated to his sexual mastery & empowerment....!
    Welcome to the new frontier of male sexual energy and mastery! Let's turn up the volume on your sexual energy and uncover any places in your body needing emotional healing. You will learn topics such as ejaculation control, full body male orgasms, expanding pleasure thresholds, confidence and consciousness in bed, sexual healing of past traumas to the heart/body, and breath & chakra focus.
    2 hours Donation $300-$400

    Subsequent sessions include "Worshiping the Goddess", you will learn heart melting rituals for the woman/women in your life! This is the sexual education you wished your older brother, Dad, or boyhood friends taught you! Subjects include: how to give with your touch (not take!), 5 different modalities of touch, how to tap into your "Daka Mode" to sexually heal and stay present to her turbulent feelings, unblocking the neural pathways to her multi orgasmic nature, understanding how to evoke the female ejaculation, and how to guide a women into breathing for extended sexual pleasure.
    2 hours Donation $500

    Olivia Jade - Sensual Muse for the discerning man
    Tantric Massage - Intimacy Coaching - Tantric Companion

    [email protected]

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    Good Morning, I hope everyone is enjoying the first days of spring.

    Are You Desiring....
    • High quality holsitic bodywork by a knowledgable practioner?*
    • Luxurious Pampering that Dissolves Stress and Leaves You feeling *Energized, Refreshed and Peaceful
    • Simple, Straightforward Techniques to Expand and Extend your Erotic Bliss
    • A Sensual Meditation **
    • A Safe Place to Explore all the Rich Aspects of Your Erotic Self

    I have availability for Saturday afternoon after 2pm till about 6pm. Sunday after 1pm till about 5pm

    How is a Blissful Tantra Session different from a regular sensual massage?

    Trust me, I love a great sensual massage. It is a deeply rejuvenating and healing modality. I wanted to take it deeper though. I wanted to blend in principles and simple practices I was learning in Tantra into sensual bodywork that kept all it's sensual goodness while adding the benefits of the meditative arts of mindful breathing, energy circulation and full body blissful awareness. These practices are simple, safe, and fun.

    Olivia Jade

    Olivia Jade - Sensual Muse for the discerning man
    Tantric Massage - Intimacy Coaching - Tantric Companion

    [email protected]

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    Exqusite & Ethereal

    Passion By Design

    French and Mediterranean muse, 34D-27-37, 5'5", curly hair, curvy and toned

    Gentlemen, I promise you that our experience together will be a moment of sacred sensual awakening
    via my skills and techniques in Sensual massage and Tantra.

    Surrendering to, and, inspired by simple pleasure, and guided by a very loving touch.
    I'm totally present in my fingers and hands and my body.

    As the flow of total energy rises and moves within you and a sense of peace and inner harmony stirs,
    Allowing simple pleasure, by surrendering to my touch, as the stress and tension falls away,
    and great stillness of calmness and peace wash over you.

    Explore the possibilities of pure pleasure.

    Olivia Jade

    Olivia Jade - Sensual Muse for the discerning man
    Tantric Massage - Intimacy Coaching - Tantric Companion

    [email protected]

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    Authentic Tantra~ Relax, Activate your LIFE, Be in BLISS

    Leave your day to day troubles behind and come with me...

    Breathe deep, relax, unwind. Let me take you on a journey where
    you will once again get in touch with your soul, your passion & your true self.
    Come and remember joy, beauty, love, and presence.

    Available to appointment Monday to Saturday 10am to 8pm.

    Hugs, Olivia

    Olivia Jade - Sensual Muse for the discerning man
    Tantric Massage - Intimacy Coaching - Tantric Companion

    [email protected]

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    Tantric Initiation - Learn ancient secrets of love, life and sex

    This is a sublime and sensual world class experience
    Gifted at intuiting, arousing and spreading your sexual energy around your body,
    you will experience a state of pleasure and relaxation so profound it could change
    the way you view sexuality and sexual energy for all time.

    If you simply need a loving, thoughtful, intimate sensual connection this is the service for you,
    as I will meet you where you are at and then take you further than you’ve ever been before.

    Available July 3rd this week. 10am to 8pm

    Olivia Jade - Sensual Muse for the discerning man
    Tantric Massage - Intimacy Coaching - Tantric Companion

    [email protected]

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