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Thread: Overdue review of Bridgette Jones

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    Overdue review of Bridgette Jones

    Iíve seen Bridgette a few times the past year. Super easy to book with her also her place is easy to find with a private parking stall. Smokin hot bod for her age. Another one with killer oral skills, does she ever know how to suck. When Iím back in Calgary Iíll be sure to make another appointment!

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    Can't find any contact info. Any suggestions?

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    Location? Price? Where does she advertise?

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    I believe while she is still in the biz she is no longer advertising and is sticking to a few select regulars. This may have changed but it is he latest info I have.
    #20. What's your number?

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    She is still around, but keep in low profile.

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    Correct with the last two postings.

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