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Thread: Izzy - As advertised and much more. BP

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    Izzy - As advertised and much more. BP

    Last night I had the pleasure of Izzy's sweet company. I was met at the door by beautiful, tall young blonde woman who oozed sex, and her inquisitive cat. We drank a bit of wine and chatted. Sometimes a well aged guy like me finds it difficult to make conversation with a beautiful young lady. Not so with Izzy. She is a young lady with an old soul. Wise beyond her years.

    As they do, one thing led to another and a significant make out session progressed to an even more significant BBBJ. I am not going to provide a full description of the rest of the evening. Suffice to say there was very little left to the imagination as her menu is extensive. She is intuitive and responds with enthusiasm. We are very lucky to have her in our fair city.

    A definite repeat, no question. Superb. A new ATF - Yes. Looks, service, attitude.

    And for you nay sayers...I suggest you get off the couch and have a little fun.

    $$ hr. Check her website.


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    What's the name of her website?

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    Probably can't post it without running afoul of Fred.

    Try searching "jizzebell" quotation marks and all.

    Cheers! WS.
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