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Thread: Andrea MGF - A review

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    Andrea MGF - A review

    So I emailed and was able to get an appointment on relatively short notice which was nice. Booking was easy. Staying downtown, decent hotel.
    Knock at the door, get let in and was a bit surprised. The picture on the website are a touch deceiving! Which was disappointing... In real life, she seems to be much more of mixed race (not that there's anything wrong with that, it mentions Mediterranean ) I was just expecting something else (a bit whiter, if I can say that). She kinda has a Maya Rudolph look going on. She had pretty bad roots going on w her hair too.
    No dkf or even lfk... But her breath was pretty bad to begin with...
    Bj was good
    Cleaned up
    Got a bit of a massage
    Round 2 of multiple position- where I found the smell of some to be overwhelming especially in w her hair...
    She's relatively flat, which I really liked!! So that was a plus
    Speaks English well, but still doesn't understand a lot.

    Honestly, I was taken back when someone different answered the door (from what i was anticipating) Almost turned around and left and probably should've...
    L 7.5
    A 8.5
    S 8 - bad breath and multiple positions...
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    Smell of smoke *

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    Quote Originally Posted by Latinguy View Post
    It was right, and you was wrong. In fact, Mediterranean people are "mixed people" all the time, and they tend to be tanned than Scandinavian and Anglosaxon Europeans. By the way, I find a very good review about Andrea on the other forum. Sorry, I meant right here in this forum someone rating her L 9, A 10, S 10. So, one of you was blind or you was with nasal problems or one of you met a SP for first time.
    So because she's darker in person than her pictures suggest, I guess I'm blind
    And because her breath was bad and she smelled like smoke, I guess I have nasal problem...
    Glad I figured out the problem!!

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    I gave her the positive review, and no it wasn't my first time with an SP. Far from it as I've probably been hobbying for over 10 years now. I'll just chalk this up to different tastes and YMMV. Was Andrea darker than her pictures, yes I'd call her olive skinned and I expected it from her reviews on the other board. Did she have smokers breath? I dunno, to be honest Im not very sensitive to it myself but she tasted very sweet kissing her. Did I find her attractive? Absolutely. Very pretty girl with a great bum. Almost perfect ass. Can't speak to the no DFK either as we were making out like horny teenagers.

    I'm not usually one to "white knight" for any girl, but truthfully I had a great time with her and she really is one of the sweetest girls I've met in ages. I've learnt chemistry goes a long way, I guess we jus hit it off. It's too bad that Wpgguy didn't seem to enjoy himself, but to be honest it sounds a lot like she just wasn't what he was expecting for whatever reason.

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    I had a session booked with Andrea last week in Calgary. She is a nice girl, but I have to agree that her photos does seem a bit misleading.

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