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    Did anyone receive a text from Candyland advising of a new lady available in town?

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    I got one. Not cool at all. We should all let Candyland know we appreciate discretion and texting us is not a good idea

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    Got that too. Totally agree.

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    I received the text as well. I responded and asked them to take me off their automated list. I received a text back very soon after saying DONE.

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    I know three pooner's that received text yesterday and today.

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    I got a couple if odd texts in the last couple of days, assumed they were spam. One said I have "just posted a profile on site xxxxxxxx come see" .the other just said "hello Jeff" not my name or a name I have ever used. This the type of msgs you getting?

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    Only time that ever happened to me was with Vandal Vyxen/Lady Jade - just told them to take me whatever list they had, and nothing since

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    I received a text from the Candyland on Tuesday. Basically it was telling me to check a lady on some website. The only contact I have had with them was months ago, so this would tell me they are keeping a data base of some kind.

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    I got both , not cool at all................Second time for me. Last fall they did the same thing.
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