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Thread: Maria and Lena 2 sisters

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    Maria and Lena 2 sisters

    I can't find any reviews on them. They have been touring Canada but my search on terb and here on perb came up empty.
    One would think at 350 for two girls sGFE that they would be booking up guys.
    I know they are in Fort Mcmurray this coming weekend. If I can make it into town I was going to see them otherwise I have a booking for later in the month when they are again in Edmonton.
    The pictures, services and rates have me interested.
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    There is an old-ish review on terb - post #22 in the thread
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    There was a review today on CAF....

    Everything seemed in order, the OP did note 2 things.

    1. They actually are sisters, so he says. Noted the blonde gave a good CBJ.

    2. A little bigger than the photos indicated but didn't indicate a problem.

    Seemed like he had a good time so for that rate it is worth looking into, I would also consider except I have plans for this week. Hope they return sometime soon.

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