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Thread: Why escorting?

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    Why escorting?

    I guess its the big question. Why do ladies choose to become escorts?

    I'm not talking about girls who have no other options - that's a whole other discussion about poverty, dependency and exploitation. The escorts who post here on PERB are obviously intelligent and sophisticated women who could make other career choices if they wished.

    So why do they choose a job which has serious social stigma surrounding it, potential physical risks and must just be downright icky sometimes? Is it just the money? The ability to make thousands pretty quickly without having to slog away at a desk or serving tables or whatever? To get nice clothes and a car, maybe a down payment on a condo? Pay your way through school?

    I think there has to be something more to it than that. Having sex with multiple men for money is pretty far outside what is generally considered normal and acceptable behaviour (even if it has been going on since time began) so what makes you do it? A genuine desire to make people happy? Nymphomania? Unresolved sexual issues? Daddy complexes? Perhaps you enjoy the sexual power you have over men by making them pay handsomely to have you for just a little while?

    Or is it just cold hard cash?

    This is a genuine question although I realize that some escorts may be reluctant to answer honestly as it diminishes the fantasy aspect of going to see them. If one of the ladies says right out that she only does it for the money then its hard for us lads to imagine that we are actually the lover that she has always dreamed of and that if only we had met her under other circumstances then she would have fallen head over heels in love with us.

    I'm expecting a few flames for posing this question but hopefully some insight too.

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    I think its a big mistake to project your emotions and feelings on to some one else. People are just different.

    I know two escorts quite well in this, one of them broke down and cried and we sat and drank and cried.
    She told me everything, well a hell of a lot more then I wanted to know.
    I think at first I wanted to say what the hell just the life you chose, what the hell are you doing here lady.
    In some screwed up logic I can understand it, and who am I to judge. And seriously who am I to judge, I think she has a lot of healing to do.
    But in that sense we all have a lot of healing to do.

    The other women I see, I don't know but she is one of the most normal woman I have ever met.
    Something I like to do is listen to some one talk, listen to their mind just let them talk and go on so I can listen.
    And at some point someone will say or do something that doesn't make sense.

    She always makes sense, the most normal the most rational sort of thought process I have ever met,

    I once called her the most woman I have ever met,
    Certainly some of her choices wouldn't be mind or not everyone's but I can understand where she is coming from and don't at all have a problem with it,
    People are just different. View sexuality or sexual intmacy different. Needs of being married and a family and all of that aren't everyone';s dreams or the norm.

    In my social circle the big sort of converstion piece is gay marriages or gay couples or lezzy couples.
    I don't understand it but its obvious a homo sexual couple have different sort of sexual desires or motivations.

    I could never be a escort I don't think, in fact I don't think Im in the mood to see any other escort but the one I know.
    For me this is way to emotionaly intimate.
    I am a very personal type person.
    And what is more intimate that getting naked and haveing sex with someone.
    I could never do it.

    But I think normal is so wrong. What is normal?

    If it makes sense to you, and your not hurting any one, what the hell.
    And I think to, sometimes you just have to do something. Just do it and get it out of your system. And you move on.
    If you never do it, you never move on.
    In a sense you can never do wrong. You have to do it or be you.
    But there is always a consequence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Melody View Post
    A "stranger danger" sex fetish.
    Oh and saving for school is nice too.

    and because I want to

    because Im good at it

    because im a thrill seeker... and it can be an intense and exciting natural high..

    because I do enjoy pleasing people, teasing people ---- peeing on people

    experimenting and trying new things


    because I can

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    Thanks for the responses folks. Angie, the quote you have as your signature says a lot about why you do it. I know how much it meant to me when I was stuck in a loveless, sexless marriage to have that touch and feel like a man again.

    I also liked it when she peed on me.

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    being my own boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Melody View Post
    A "stranger danger" sex fetish.
    That's very interesting. You've succinctly described the number one reason I see escorts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Melody View Post
    Yeah it's something a lot of people don't quite recognize I think, or aren't willing to accept/admit.
    I, personally, embraced it after several years of fantasizing about it. Epic fun.
    But I will warn that it's a bit like drugs in that the first time is a HUGE rush and you can be caught trying to chase that rush forever after. I've fine tuned it and found a happy balance.
    I get that rush all the time...I get hardcore butterflies before a new client. I'm not sure if its anxiety though

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    Hmmmm... work in a shitty office job for some asshole, making barely over minimum wage, or get paid to fuck someone, and make as much in a day that you would per paycheque at said shitty office job... Gee, I wonder why....

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    Quote Originally Posted by borko View Post
    How do you know these escorts aren't giving up high paying jobs as doctors, lawyers and engineers for sex work?
    I'm guessing that's probably the exception rather than the rule... Not trying to paint everyone with the same brush, but I would wager most of the girls get into it because it's easier money than what's out there...

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    The lady I see mentioned something similiar
    A stranger danger sex fetish.

    I think for women they can get caught up in this and loose it just like us guys, I mean the ego the sex the money.
    And just loose it for awhile and be addicted just like us guys.

    I had a story online of an escort, an normal women sort of turned into an escort,
    My biggest fans and followers were female.
    I think a big precentage of women could do this if it didn't have so many negative things attached to it, like the law, safty, family concerns and just having sex with guys who didn't turn you on.

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    why escorting, so many men ask that

    Money is usually the start, but once in this world turns into so much more. "Who Knew" is what I always say to myself.

    We get told we're beautiful daily.
    We get to work our own hours.
    We get to experience sexuality at a whole different level.
    We get to dream big.
    - school
    - designer clothes
    - travel
    - cars
    - condos, or renting high end
    - sleep in
    - not work if we dont want to
    - met different people all day long; occupations, mannerisms, looks, age, back grounds, nationalities (there so interesting)

    If Escorting was just about SEX, none of us would do this for every long. Take a look at the girls who are around awhile verses the ones who are in and out. I believe the girls who dont do this long, dont understand that escorting is not about sex but so much more.

    People talk about burn-out. To me burn-out is when we are REALLY good at our job and give just a little bit of ourselves to the visitors we see. A person can only do that for so long before they loose something of themselves. So many men think burn-out is the sex and having to much but I dont believe it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Melody View Post
    Yeah it's something a lot of people don't quite recognize I think, or aren't willing to accept/admit.
    Agreed. I wasn't quite able to articulate that until I read your post.

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    Because I can't stand office politics.

    I can take a day off whenever I want and I know I will always get more cash tomorrow.

    I am a funny loving girl and don't like to follow the rules too much, so the "oldest profession" suites me very well.

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    Because of the freedom...

    When you're good at something, and have all the freedom in the world to carve out your own niche in an industry, that's a winning combination!

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