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Thread: Canada v Mexico, round 1

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    Canada v Mexico, round 1

    Sometimes it seems like so many on here have very little else on their minds, except pooning.

    Case in point, nobody has mentioned this little incident:

    It is worth watching just to hear the announcers' comments. One said that since the Canadian players (despite the fact that they are playing baseball) all grew up playing hockey so fighting is not uncommon to them.

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    Mexico was pretty classless. The third baseman says to hit him, he tries twice, an umpire warning...then hits him!
    Since mexico was basically out of the tournament at that point.....they get off with nothing....ban them for next tourney
    Originally Posted by mercyshooter

    The reason that you are afraid of the "control it's people" principle is that you have something to hide. I think you are actually doing illegal stuff everyday. If you have nothing to hide, then why not let them kinda control/monitor/supervise/help you

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    A job mexico's 3rd baseman should have left to his manager.. Bunch of classless babies to go with their fans!!

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    All class Mexico,
    its like everything else in your country and culture , all 4th. class

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    No disciplinary action handed out to either team but Canada has been told by "Jose Bautista" you don't run up the score, even though "run differential" is in effect and could have been the difference moving forward or not later on in the tournament!!

    Good job Canada

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