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Thread: Whatever happened to Marilyn Star?

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    Whatever happened to Marilyn Star?

    Marilyn Star aka Kathryn Gannon.

    I looks as if she poofed from the face of the world. I always regretted not seeing her and I am just wondering if anyone had a clue as to where she disappeared to?

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    trust me, you are not missing much

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    I recall seeing ads for her on and off from 2009 to 2011. Saw her for a two hour session in 2009 - it was a very good session. Talked to her for a while one night in 2011, didn't book that night, but that was around the last time I saw her advertise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haymitch View Post
    She got old and retired. Who cares? She was no great shakes when she was around. If she wanted to be found she would be, leave her be. Lots of stalker type requests lately.
    Do you even know what the word stalking means? You should look up complicated words before you use them. Asking if an escort is still around is hardly stalking. Bit of a drama queen?

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