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Thread: Do they line them up for you at SU??

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    Do they line them up for you at SU??

    Thinkin bout goin to SU when I come to Victoria. Just wondering, do they line the women up for you like they do at places in Vancouver like Spa540? Or not?

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    Not that I'm aware of, I'm kinda shy so don't know how I'd feel about having multiple women paraded in front of me to pick. Maybe I'll try it one day at some place out of town.

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    LOL thats what they did in The Wire!

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    They don't line them up... but I believe SU has a picture book for you to browse when you are there


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    I've only ever seen that in the movies...

    In this day and age with the internet you can pretty much see what you're getting online with the usual caveat that reality does not always match the online vision....
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    Yeah I went to place in Vancouver, it's been so long ago I do not remember the name of it, but they lined up the girls for me. I felt like an idiot, but I picked one and off we went.
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    went to the mustang ranch a few years back and they did a line up there

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    A couple of years ago, I went to a place here in Vancouver called Mystique (as far as I know, there's still an agency at that location but it's now called French Kiss or something like that). They didn't physically have the ladies line up for me but they had me wait in a small lounge type room and each of the 4 ladies that were on that night came in to introduce herself briefly. Then the madame returned and asked which of the ladies, if any, I would be interested in. I think they did something similar at BBC when that was still around. I was there on two occasions but that was to see a specific lady who I called ahead to book, so I didn't experience the "line-up" there. At the Fox Den, you definitely have to book ahead to see the lady in whom you're interested. And while I have not yet been to spa540, from what I've read I thought that they also did the "brief introduction" thing.
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