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Thread: Searching for a Korean for a Bachelor "Stag" party

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    Searching for a Korean for a Bachelor "Stag" party

    Title says it all. In need a Korean girl for a Bachelor "Stag" party in downtown Vancouver. The bachelor has a thing for Korean women and we'd just like to satisfy his needs. Any advice or recommendations?

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    Bump. Would be able to settle for any asian girl that can do a stag party.

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    i have set up a few stag parties using pr girls (promo girls) you pretty much pay like 200-300 for them to come for 4 hours or so. then you pay extra for whatever services you want. Last one i did with cuddly chloe and her friends. Chloe was awesome but her friends did not know how to work the scene. They kept complaining about making money when they should have tried to seduce my friends for extra service with some gentle persuasion.

    from my research there are no groups of asians that will do this. you can call up some of the cbc asians and ask them if they would be interested in a pr service type work. I asked a few and they declined. coming into a hotel room with like 15 guys is too intimidating for some for obvious reasons.

    why not call a korean place like 0753 and get an outcall to the hotel where you guys partying....then she will leave after deed is done.

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    Thx for the info. Any recommendation for a fun k-gal from 0753 or any korean place that does outcalls?

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