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Thread: Maria Massage - ERS Tricities area

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    Maria Massage - ERS Tricities area

    Hey guys / girls,

    Is there anyone out there in Perbland that has seen Maria in the Tricities/Pitt/Maple area ?

    She advertises on ERS in the massage section, pretty blonde with big boobs, with the last digits on her ph being 7500.
    She doesnt mention pricing, just a massage with "release".. which is a little vague. And I cant seem to find a review on her.

    The pic's she has posted are all g rated with a face, which probably are genuine. But has anyone seen her, and
    have info to offer ???



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    I am sure that I have seen some bad review of her on this board.

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    Valid point ! lol

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    any info on rates or what she allows? had my eye on this one for a while but cant find much in the way of a review.

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