I saw Natalie after reading the positive review of her here on perb. I liked the pictures of her with red hair, though when I saw her she had changed her hair colour.
Booking her was a little more effort than I would normally care to put in as she wants a reference and she doesn't have a phone number posted. So I had to email her and I let her know she could PM me here if she wanted to ensure that I'm me.
I had her booked for the evening however I had my mother come over to make me dinner, which was nice but then I could not get away to keep my appointment so I had to cancel. Natalie was great about it and we set up for the following afternoon.

Natalie has a nice downtown apartment in a good location, just bring change for a meter incase the free parking is taken.
Natalie greeted me at the door with a nice hug while she had on a cute bright orange bra and panties set.
Usual payment, then shower, while making some chit chat with nat.
Then into the bed, Natalie is a great girl, very cute and sexy. She still looks very young, easily could pass for 16/17. Personally I'm more into older women but Natalie is a very sweet girl and she knows how to provide a solid session. She is a enthusiastic kisser which is nice, she is very responsive. I suppose though she should capitalize on her youthfulness by getting a sexy school girl outfit and a sexy cheerleader one too. I'm sure some pictures of her in that would bring the older guys running.

If you want to see a fun, young and enthusiastic girl she is a great choice. Just a shame she plays consoles and not pc games...