This review really fell through the cracks. I saw Anita on Christmas Day... So yea there's a bunch of reviews I simply never got around to.
It was Christmas and normally I'm up north working but with the entire site shut down I was home for the holidays. Sadly all my family and friends had mostly gone away or had plans and I did not feel like being a third wheel.
I noticed Anita had posted on backpages and her pictures were super sexy, it's her eyes that get me.
I called her up and she said she could see me at angels spa, so off I went.
I have never had a session at angels before but I have been in for meet and greets but never found anyone to my taste.

Anita had on her sexy Christmas outfit which was a nice touch. I asked for sGFE for 3 and Anita said that would be fine.
Anita is a great SP, she is responsive and knows how to show a guy a great time, she even squirted, though she said that doesn't happen often for her, don't know if that's her feeding my ego or if we did have good chemistry. Personally I'm content with the knowledge that I had a good time.
She gave me a body slide which was enjoyable, not as hot and sexy as I'd of liked but how can one complain when a girl lubes herself up and slides all over you?
There's a few types of girls I like, Asian girls, blondes with large boobs and European girls with dark hair with bangs. Anita fills that third niche and she's a solid SP.