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Thread: Most YOU have personally spent on an escort.

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    Most YOU have personally spent on an escort.

    Obviously if you don't feel comfortable sharing you are under no pressure to do so.
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    It was i guess 6 years ago roughly, i saw a couple ladies for $$$/hr. I don't think it was any of the present/current ladies on this forum, to be honest i found the experience underwhelming.

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    Paid $380.00 to see Vandal Vyxen. Supposed to get a Greek session as well, but when I got there, I got B&S'd with Lady Jade. She promised me everything VV did, so whatever, she was pretty hot, so I said why not. Turns out, I got suckered, as there was no kissing, no DATY, and after I came the first time, that was it. No MSOG, or Greek. I was pissed to say the least...

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    Are we talking overnighters?

    IMHO that is the best bang for the buck

    Bonus if you can share a nice breakfast in the AM too.

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    A long time ago, I got hosed on my one and only trip to the Swedish Touch downtown - I was new here . Somewhere between $300 and $400 I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by borko View Post
    Wouldn't it be better to have one girl you pay until you go to sleep and then another girl you pay to wake you up with a blowjob? Seems more economical to me...
    But what about after the second shot being woken up by five star BJ? and then going onto round 3? To be followed by a round 4 before breakfast.

    Worth saving up for IMHO. I am in my fifties and doing MSOG in an hour is tough but over night, I gain momentum

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    i think dickson will crush any amount that any of us were to post.

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    mmm mm my favorite way to wake up a man

    Quote Originally Posted by badbadboy View Post
    But what about after the second shot being woken up by five star BJ
    Taste you soon,
    Vanessa Kelly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoff View Post
    $2000.00 per hour with a famous Canadian pornstar.
    Now that sounds fun! In Vancouver 450 for the hour is the most. I tend to like multiple hours so 7-800 is fairly normal. That pornstar sounds pretty Hot!

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    Most I ever paid was $200. I would go as high as $220 but find all I need at more accommodating rates.
    Red Baron

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    Well you hear it from hatrick time and again... higher priced pussy ain't worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoff View Post
    She also has a hot (I think even hotter) half sister who was in porn and escorted. I never got to see her though. I saw the girl I saw, it was 2.5 hours and the agency fee which worked out to a total of $5500.00.
    Lol sounds fun. Now that was a time you will remember I am sure.

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    $600 she travelled 4 hrs on a greyhound stayed with me two nights because of bus scheduling It gave us a chance to get to know each other The whole experience was awesome... what a deal..!! meals not included in the price and I paid for the bus....the desert was delicious.....

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    I don't like short sessions.
    So six to eight hundred is the norm for me.

    I agree with the comment by Sarah I think. The money you spend doesn't at all have anything to do with your happiness.
    Its the total sort of experiance. Money is just the grease for the wheels or the connection between you two.
    If you want a connection.
    We all kind of want something different don't we.

    Like some one said he got to close.
    To me that doesn't bother me.
    I spent so much time alone and I mean so alone, its nice to have some one close.
    Its just a nice feeling that I think both of us enjoy, were not at all worried about it.

    Just like the amount of money you spend doesn't ensure your going to be happy.
    The amount of money you have to spend doesn't mean your at all going to be happy either.

    Life is a lot more complex then that.

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    That's a lot of cash to drop. Would you say it was worth it?

    I've often thought that it would be fun to have a session with a porn star but I kind of think that porn has given us all exaggerated expectations and that a session may not live up to that regardless of how much you spend.

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