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    Hey Jessika:

    Your inbox is full so I thought I'd post this openly. Really happy for your news and hope it goes well. Despite being a fantastically filthy slut when the need arose, you are also a fun, perceptive and smart woman. I hope all goes well over the next little while for you (it will be an adjustment) and I hope you get all that you want.

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    right behind you!
    Giddy up!

    here is a hint....

    read all about it right here! ---->!&highlight=

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    GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST, I HOPE IT ISN'T MINE !!!! Just kidding Jessika, nothing but best regards for you and your child.

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    Yes it's true. I'm pregnant and excited about the arrival of my first child. I've been slowing down but am still seeing some people. Thanks for all the nice words. It makes me so glad to know that I've made such a good impression on you guys.

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    I've only seen you twice and you are a fond memory.
    Best of luck to you and the father. Hope you come back to Edmonton someday after the baby, when your not too busy being mom.
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