It's been a crappy week so far at work, so I decided to takeoff early this afternoon and called S U for a last minute appt. Mariah was recommended to me and I opted for the 1/2 hr, both to accommodate my schedule and be able to "intro" Mariah and see if we clicked or not.

M is a very accommodating lady with some seriously bangin' assets. She met me in a slinky black cocktail number with some definite hints about what was and wasn't underneath. Had a few "admin issues" as we got our donation settled, but she worked hard to keep it from killing the mood.

Once free to play, M immediately showed me that nothing was going to be mechanical or feel forced or awkward. She is a naturally passionate and playful gal, and we settled into a very good rhythm throughout the session. She definitely earned the GFE rating from my perspective, did not clock watch and seemed to enjoy herself immensely, which made the experience great for me. I was looking to both work off some stress and genuinely connect, and she had both the energy and chemistry to match me. All in all a great session after the initial admin hiccup. I'll definitely be making my way over to see her again!

Redefining Stress Relief Techniques,